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Last Shift for 2017

Okaayyy I KNOW this post is 3 months late. 😂 but as the saying goes – “Bettah late than nevah.”

no more wordy introductions, i’m really just gonna do a photo dump. LOL

You may feel sad for us coz we’re still working while everyone else is already on Holiday mode. But just look at these photos. Yep, i’ll let our pics do the talking.

Bye 2017. You were a VERY memorable one.

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Wedding Anniv date

This is a late post. I know… i know… I’ve been procrastinating once again and i am tryyying my very best to change that (as a part of my NYR)

Anyway,  to celebrate out 5th -yr Wedding Anniversary, we decided to spend the day at Kidzoona.


new mall near our place- South Park Mall Alabang.


Giant xmas tree

my future DOCTOR




I really enjoyed this giant bubble thingy 🙂


A day spent well!



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Fallen series

There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.

-Josh Jameson

not my cup of tea.. the first few chapters of the first book were a bit slow-paced (for me) pero no matter how big of a procrastinator i am, once i started reading a book, i gotta finish it. i just hope it’ll get better. 

So… on to the second book.

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RIP Texas Girl

i was just scrolling my (facebook) newsfeed when i came across this news. This is just so horrible. I grew up hearing my mother say “I don’t want a daughter.” Not because she didnt love  me or my sister, but because, according to her- she wanted and needed to look after us 24/7 (even in our sleep) and she knew that OF COURSE she wouldnt be able to do that.  Now that i am already a parent myself, i understand her fear. Btw, i have a son.. Nonetheless, this is equally horrific. 

Click This to read the whole article.  

I hope her parents find justice for their li’l angel. My deepest condolences. Xoxo