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Wedding Anniv date

This is a late post. I know… i know… I’ve been procrastinating once again and i am tryyying my very best to change that (as a part of my NYR)

Anyway,  to celebrate out 5th -yr Wedding Anniversary, we decided to spend the day at Kidzoona.


new mall near our place- South Park Mall Alabang.


Giant xmas tree

my future DOCTOR




I really enjoyed this giant bubble thingy 🙂


A day spent well!



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Fallen series

There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.

-Josh Jameson

not my cup of tea.. the first few chapters of the first book were a bit slow-paced (for me) pero no matter how big of a procrastinator i am, once i started reading a book, i gotta finish it. i just hope it’ll get better. 

So… on to the second book.

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RIP Texas Girl

i was just scrolling my (facebook) newsfeed when i came across this news. This is just so horrible. I grew up hearing my mother say “I don’t want a daughter.” Not because she didnt love  me or my sister, but because, according to her- she wanted and needed to look after us 24/7 (even in our sleep) and she knew that OF COURSE she wouldnt be able to do that.  Now that i am already a parent myself, i understand her fear. Btw, i have a son.. Nonetheless, this is equally horrific. 

Click This to read the whole article.  

I hope her parents find justice for their li’l angel. My deepest condolences. Xoxo

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found this coloring app na nakaka-aliw naman talaga. Nakaka-relax to. kaya lang kelangan may pen or stylus ka kasi may limit din ang pag zoom & may sobrang liliit na details na hindi mo makukulayan kung daliri mo lang ang gamit mo.  App is called Colorfly available in Playstore.